Wall guard STRONG

STRONG wall guard

The guard consists of a high-strength PVC lining and a full-length aluminum reinforcement core. This type of wall protection is characterized by very good cushioning properties. The robust construction provides protection even against strong impacts, e.g., from pallet trucks with goods or self-propelled washing machines. Recommended for areas exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic or equipment, e.g., in corridors in shopping centers, warehouses or hospitals.

Technical Data

product functions: wall protection, shock absorption
available width: 150mm
length : 4m
method of assembly – mounting dowels
materials used: PVC, elastomer, aluminium
available accessories: universal end, divider, connector

easy fire key resistant uv resistant antibacterial

Technical drawing

Available Colours

The colours shown may vary slightly from the actual colours.
Actual colouring is similar to that given in NCS
During installation, it should be taken into account that the colours of the products, depending on the series number, may vary slightly.
Colours available in stock


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