Optimal solutions for your needs

We are a production company with over 20 years of experience creating new technologies and plastic products in the scope of wall and floor protection and packaging elements.

The main goal of our activity is to create high-quality products; therefore, we work based on modern machinery and use proven raw materials.

The methods we have developed allow us to work successfully with our clients, considering both their individual needs and general market trends.

The result of our efforts is a continually growing network of distributors in Europe and other continents.

Production organization

Production department of protective plates, corners, wall, and door protection, having select properties depending on their intended use.

Production department of specialist system mats (for pedestrian and wheeled traffic) with different properties and intended use

Production department of elements for packaging, where we have numerous patented design solutions useful for the production of final products of various industries.

We develop and improve

Thanks to our knowlage and many years of experience, especially our machines and technologies, we can provide services to develop single concept models and finished products.


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