Baseboard ACRAMIT

Baseboard ACRAMIT

A guard made of high-strength PVC, protecting walls exposed to damage caused especially by cleaning and washing machines. Thanks to the use of a skirting board, it is possible to achieve an aesthetic finish of the wall-floor connection, while maintaining the conditions necessary to maintain cleanliness, which is often required in public buildings, e.g., hospitals, clinics or schools, kindergartens.

Technical Data

product functions: wall protection at the floor
available widths: 100mm x 50mm, 150mm x 50mm
available lengths: 1m, 2m
the method of assembly – adhesive
materials used: PVC

easy fire key resistant uv resistant antibacterial

Technical drawing

Available Colours

The colours shown may vary slightly from the actual colours.
Actual colouring is similar to that given in NCS
During installation, it should be taken into account that the colours of the products, depending on the series number, may vary slightly.
Colours available in stock


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