The construction of the handrail is based on an aluminum core and a colourful external lining made of vinyl resin with the addition of acrylic. The handrail with a diameter of 45 mm with an applied structure provides an ergonomic and secure hand grip. The whole thing is finished with stainless steel elements or alternatively a PS. New aluminum mounting brackets have been introduced. The color range is consistent with the colours of our other wall protection products.

Technical Data

product function: wall protection, handrail
available length: 4 m
method of assembly – mounting dowels
used materials: PVC, PS, stainlees steel, aluminium
available accesories: endings, mounting element stainlees steel or aluminium, connector, corner

easy fire key resistant uv resistant antibacterial

Technical drawing

Available Colours

The colours shown may vary slightly from the actual colours.
Actual colouring is similar to that given in NCS
During installation, it should be taken into account that the colours of the products, depending on the series number, may vary slightly.
Colours available in stock


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