Wall guard FLAT

FLAT wall guard

The flexible properties of the FLAT wall guard make it possible to install it on rounded walls, columns, recesses and uneven surfaces. The flexible and at the same time, strong material owes its properties to special mixtures of elastomers, which are used in the production process. The material used is recycled. The outer surface of the guard has a delicate pattern, which additionally refines the surface, thanks to which it gains a unique character.

Technical Data

product functions: wall protection, wall decoration
available widths: 110mm, 160mm, 210mm, 310mm, 500mm (in selected colours), 1200mm (in selected colours)
available length : 1m, maximum product roll length 25m
the method of assembly – self-adhesive tape
materials used: PVC elastomer

easy fire key resistant uv resistant antibacterial

Technical drawing

The colours shown may vary slightly from the actual colours.
Actual colouring is similar to that given in NCS
During installation, it should be taken into account that the colours of the products, depending on the series number, may vary slightly.
Colours available in stock


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