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ACRAMIT is the result of many years of experience in the field of plastic wall protection products, which we have gained through our innovative approaches and commitment to improving our products. We are proud that as a Polish manufacturer, we can present a wide range of solutions that include comprehensive wall protections and various types of floor mats. Our goal is to continuously develop and expand our product range to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our acrylic vinyl protective panels ACRAMIT are not only functional elements but also a unique form of decoration that gives rooms character and style. Designed to ensure not only an aesthetic appearance but also hygienic protection, these panels are an excellent choice for anyone who values quality and durability.

Thanks to our ACRAMIT products, we offer unique design possibilities while ensuring wall and floor protection for many years. Our offer is constantly evolving to meet even the most demanding expectations of our customers.

Wall guards with corners are an essential interior finishing element in public utility buildings such as hospitals. Depending on the needs and specifics of the rooms, we offer various versions of wall guards to meet different requirements.

Our offer includes flat wall guards in the form of protective tapes, which are perfect for a simple, minimalist solution. Reinforced wall guards, on the other hand, provide additional distance from the wall, which is especially important in areas with heavy traffic or where furniture is placed near walls.

We also offer flexible wall guards, which are an ideal solution for curved walls or pillars, ensuring flexibility and durability even in the most demanding conditions. Thanks to our products, we provide comprehensive solutions that not only protect walls from damage but also add aesthetics and functionality to public utility rooms such as hospitals.

Our corner guard offer includes a wide range of solutions that meet various customer needs and requirements. Available are flat corner guards with a fixed or adjustable angle, which guarantee solid protection for wall corners and are easy to install and maintain. Additionally, we offer corner guards reinforced with an aluminum core, which are dedicated to areas particularly exposed to impacts, providing exceptional strength and durability.

In our assortment, you will also find flexible corner guards, which are perfect for protecting corners in places such as kindergartens or schools, where safety is a priority. Their flexibility ensures effective protection against injuries while adding aesthetics to interiors.

Our offer is complemented by handrails and crash rails, which provide a stable grip for people with limited mobility, which is particularly important in public utility facilities such as hospitals or rehabilitation centers. Thanks to our products, we can comprehensively ensure the safety and functionality of any interior.


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We develop and improve


We are inspired by the work of our clients. We systematise their expectations and needs in the form of a detailed description of an idea for a functional product.


We transfer the invented product concept to CAD graphics programs. This results in a technical documentation that is in line with all the principles of the art of engineering.


We materialise the virtual product by creating a product prototype. The prototype examination gives the possibility of a comprehensive research and improvement. For this purpose we use 3D printing and computer simulation.


When a prototype meets all the specified requirements, we construct and manufacture tools. We manufacture the detail using injection and extrusion technology and metal processing.


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