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Swimming pool mat, Antu-slip mat

Swimming pool mat "Otti"

Openwork mat OTTI made of environmentally- friendly poliethylen is a perfect solution for wet and moist places.
It does not only protect feet against getting wet but prevents from the risk of falling as well.


Special „riffled” surface of the mat considerably eliminates the risk of a foot slide.

Pleasant to touch, water -resistant and crack -resistant

It is an ideal solution in places such as swimming-pools, baths, locker rooms, bathrooms, fitness clubs, balconies, terraces, bathrooms or gardens.

Width: 0,6 m
Roll length: 12 m
Height: 9mm

Range of colours:

Accessories: connectors

Thanks to connectors, it is possible to join stripes of the mat, what makes it possible to multiple the width of the mat 60cm, f.ex.: 120cm, 180 cm wide, e.t.c.

Accessories: anti slip cabs
Special caps are designed to additionally hinder moving to the mat after the surface on which it is located.

The underside structure of the mat has special spaces whose task is to drain water from the bottom part of the mat.

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