Wycieraczki z logo


Logomats with an individual logo or an own pattern are an ideal solution in places where simple advertising, informative, decorative or warning solutions are required.

Scrubbing properties:

Water absorbancy:

Traffic intensity:

Height: 9mm
It is possible to order an individual design, colours are adjusted to the range of available colours. Before the final product appears, the visualization of the design is made.

The bottom layer of the doormat is made of nitrile rubber, resistant to bending and additionally fitted with inset which touches the surface. Despite its long – lasting exploitation, the mat preserves its highly functional properties.

In addition, the doormat is reinforced with rubber borders which prevent the egdes from rolling up. Example use: entrance, reception, conference room, changing room, e.t.c.

Standard dimensions: 40x60cm, 45x75cm, 60x90cm, 58x120cm, 85x150cm, 85x300cm, 115x175cm, 115x200cm, 115x240cm, 150x240cm, 150x360cm.
Range of colours:

Rubber doormats
We offer a wide range of doormats for special use with exceptional durability.

Large area mats
Large area mats with increased durability, ideal for places with high intensity of pedestrian traffic.
Household doormats
Doormats from our household line are products of high quality and an ideal interior decoration.